Solution=> A dummy page for a 32GB iPhone
Published: [2009-5-27]    Read by:[307]
Tags: Apple, iPhone, Touch UI, Rumors
As the launch date for the next iPhone nears, the rumors are beginning to clog the air. But here's some oil to pour on the fire - the T-Mobile Austria site have put up a placeholder for a 32GB iPhone. So far there isn't a picture or price and the 'details' link leads to a dummy page.
According to the crystal ball of rumors, the next-gen iPhone will have two versions with 16GB or 32GB built-in memory. 32GB next-gen iPhone, 32GB 'coming soon' iPhone, can you spot where this is going? Then again, there are the echoes of age-old 32GB iPhone 3G rumors.
Anyway, this is probably just T-Mobile Austria jumping the gun but since the 'Tell A Friend' link seems to be the only thing working on the details page, this would fuel the ever-growing hype even further.
Update: The place holder has already been removed by T-Mobile off their website.
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