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Published: [2009-5-27]    Read by:[323]
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Ah, the time-honored tradition of spy shots brings us joy once again. This time it's the BlackBerry Storm 2. So what does junior has in store you ask? Well, slight cosmetic changes on the outside and rumored upgrades on the inside.
The Storm 2 seems to have traded up from plain, old clickable buttons to touch sensitive ones. If this is true, it'd be quite ironic considering the original Storm was the first phone with a clickable touch screen. The sides of the phone have been prettified as well, while the back seems mostly unchanged.
BlackBerry Storm 2
As far as rumored upgrades of the internals go, the BlackBerry Storm 2 should have Wi-Fi and improved performance as the UI reportedly runs much smoother than the one on the current model. The camera is unchanged at 3.15 megapixels with autofocus.
There's also hearsay about a new approach to text entry and since this is an area quite important to all BlackBerries we hope it's true. Either way, RIM seem determined to get to the casual users, not just executives on the go.
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