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Published: [2009-5-27]    Read by:[269]
T-Mobile G1 to get the coveted Cupcake update in April
It's finally official - the T-Mobile G1 will be getting the "cupcake" update sometime in April bringing tons of goodies - video recording, virtual on-screen keyboard, functionality and bug fixes, messaging features and more.
Sounds like good news for G1 owners - a massive update is coming soon. In April you will be able to boost your Android with the previously closed "Cupcake" functions. The new stuff includes an on-screen virtual QWERTY keyboard, the ability to save attachments from MMS, voice recorder and video capturing.
Along with the new features the package will sports huge number of bugs and stability fixes, many new menu and support options, even Bluetooth stereo streaming capability.
Your hopes for official multi-touch support however are in vain.
The launch time coincide with the availability of the Vodafone's HTC Magic, which will have the "cupcake" features implemented in its software by default.
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